Thể bị động passive

be (am, is, are | was, were) + quá khứ phân từ 2 (V3) là thể bị động nó cho biệc hành động xảy đến với chủ từ. (khác với chủ động hành động gây ra bởi chủ từ)
→ Somebody built this house subject object in 1961. (active)
→ This house was built in 1961 . (passive)

Nếu muốn chỉ ra đối tượng gây ra hành động dùng by: This house was built by my grandfather.

Các thì của bị chia theo thì của trợ động từ to be, như một số cấu trúc:
Thì Active Passive
Hiện tại đơn S + V + O S + am/is/are + V3/ED + by + O
Hiện tại tiếp diễn S + am/is/are + V-ing + O S + am/is/are + being + V3/ED + by + O
Hiện tại Hoàn Thành S + has/have + V3/ED + O S + has/have + been + V3/ED+ by + O
Quá khứ đơn S + V-ed + O S + was/were + V3/ED + by + O
Quá khứ Tiếp diễn S + was/were + V-ing + O S + was/were + being + V3/ED + by + O
Quá khứ Hoàn thành S + had + V3/ED + O S + had + been + V3/ED + by + O
Tương lai đơn S + will/shall + V + O S + will + be + V3/ED + by + O
Be + going to S + am/is/are + going to + V + O S + am/is/are + going to + be + V3/ED + by + O
Động từ đặc biệt S + model verb + V + O
S + modal Verb + have +V3/ED
S + model verb + be + V3/ED + by + O
S + modal Verb + have been +V3/ED
Các động từ có thể có 2 tân ngữ như ask offer pay show teach tell thì từ một câu chủ động có thể tách ra 2 câu bị động theo 2 tân ngữ đó.
→ Somebody gave the police the information
→ → The police were given the information.
→ → The information was given to the police.
verb-ing (doing, seeing ...) có dạng bị động là being + v3 (being done, being seen ...)
I remember being taken to the zoo when I was a child.
Steve hates being kept waiting.
GET có thể thay cho be ở bị động: There was a fight at the party, but nobody got hurt.
Chỉ dùng get khi có sự việc xảy ra, ví dụ không thể dùng get cho câu: → Jessica is liked by everybody. Peter was a mystery man. Very little was known about him.
Mẫu thông dụng: get married, get dressed, get lost, get changed

Bị động

Complete the sentences using being + the following verbs (in the correct form):
give invite keep knock down stick treat
1 Steve hates waiting. 2 We went to the party without . 3 I like giving presents and I also like them. 4 It's a busy road and I don't like crossing it. I'm afraid of . 5 I'm an adult. I don't like like a child.

Rewrite these sentences.
Instead of using somebody, they, people etc., write a passive sentence.
1 Somebody cleans the room every day. .

2 They cancelled all flights because of fog. All .

3 People don't use this road much. .

4 Somebody accused me of stealing money. I .

5 How do people learn languages? How ?.

6 People warned us not to go out alone. .

Write these sentences in another way, beginning in the way shown.
1 They didn't give me the information I needed. . 2 They asked me some difficult questions at the interview. I . 3 Amy's colleagues gave her a present when she retired. Amy . 4 Nobody told me about the meeting. I wasn't . 5 How much will they pay you for your work? How much will you . 7 Has anybody shown you what to do? Have you ?.

Complete the sentences using get/got + the following verbs (in the correct form):
ask damage hurt pay steal sting stop use
1 There was a fight at the party, but nobody ```got`` hurt 2 Alex by a bee while he was sitting in the garden. 3 These tennis courts don't very often. Not many people want to play. 4 I used to have a bicycle, but it a few months ago. 5 Rachel works hard but doesn't very much. 6 Last night I by the police as I was driving home. One of the lights on my car wasn't working. 7 Please pack these things very carefully. I don't want them to . 8 People often want to know what my job is. I that question a lot.

Complete the sentences using one of these verbs in the correct form, present or past:
cause damage invite make overtake show surround translate write
1 Many accidents by dangerous driving.

2 Cheese from milk.

3 The roof of the building in a storm a few days ago.

4 You to the wedding. Why didn't you go?

5 A cinema is a place where films .

6 Originally the book in Spanish, and a few years ago it into English.

7 Although we were driving fast, we by a lot of other cars.

8 You can't see the house from the road. It by trees.

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