Tính từ và trạng từ

Tính từ (adjective) Trạng từ (adverb)
quick, careful ... đi trước danh từ bổ nghĩa cho danh từ
- Sam is a careful driver.
- We didn't go out because of the heavy rain.
quickly, carefully ... bổ nghĩa cho động từ
- Sam drove carefully along the narrow road.
- We didn't go out because it was raining heavily.
Nhiều Adverb = Adjective + ly
good quick serious careful quiet heavy bad perfect
well quickly seriously carefully quietly heavily badly perfectly
(adjective + noun)
She speaks perfect English.
(verb + noun + adverb)
She speaks English perfectly.
Tính từ đi sau một số động từ be look feel sound ...
- Please be quiet!
- I was disappointed that my exam results were so bad.
- Why do you always look so serious?
- Please speak quietly!
- I was unhappy that I did so badly in the exam
- Why do you never take me seriously?
Trạng từ có thể đứng trước tính từ, trạng từ khác reasonably cheap, terribly sorry, incredibly quickly
- It's a reasonably cheap restaurant and the food is extremely good.
Trạng từ có thể đứng trước quá khứ phân từ injured, orgnised, written ...
- Two people were seriously injured in the accident..
-The meeting was very badly organised.
fast hard late : vừa là tính từ, vừa là trạng từ. Darren is a very fast runner(Darren can run very fast).
Kate is a hard worker (Kate works hard).
lately: (adv gần đây) - (gần đây) Have you seen Tom Lately?
hardly: (adv rất it, hầu như không hay dùng với (any/anybody/anyone/anything/anywhere) - We hardly know each other.
hardly ever: (adv hầu như không bao giờ) - I hardly ever go out.
well cũng thường + quá khư phân từ: well-dressed, weLL-known, weLL-educated, well-paid

Adjective + Adverb

Choose two words (one from each box) to complete each sentence.
|absolutely badly completely | changed cheap damaged |
|reasonably seriously slightly | enormous ill long |
|unnecessarily unsually | planned quite |
I thought the restaurant would be expensive, but it was .
Will's mother is in hospital.
What a big house! It's .
It wasn't a serious accident. The car was only .
When I returned home after 20 years, everything had .
The movie was . It could have been much shorter.
A lot went wrong during our holiday because it was .

Complete each sentence using a word from the box. Sometimes you need the
adjective and sometimes the adverb:

careful(ly) complete(ly) continuous(ly) financial(ly) fluent(ly)
happy/happily nervous(ly) perfect(ly) quick(ly) special(ly)
I cooked this meal for you, so I hope you like it.
Everything was very quite. There was silence.
I tried on the shoes and they fitted me .
Do you usually feel before exams?


Two people were injured in the accident. (serious/seriously)
The driver of the car had injuries. (serious/seriously)
I think you behaved very .(selfish/selfishly)
Tannya is upset about losing her job. (terrible/terribly)
There was a change in the weather. (sudden/suddenly)


Everybody at the carnival was dreesed. (colourful/colourfully) Linda usually wears clothes. (colourful/colourfully) Liz fell and hurt herself really . (bad/badly) Joe says he didn't do well at school because he was taught. (bad/badly) Don't go up that ladder. It doesn't look . (safe/safely)

Complete each sentence with an adverb. The first letters of the adverb are given.
Nobody knew Steve was coming to see us. He arrived (unex...).
Mike keeps fit by playing tennis (reg...).

Idon't speak French very well, but I can understand (per...)
if people speak (sl...) and (cl...).

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