Liên từ, giới từ

although although + s + v, ... (mặc dù) Although it rained a lot, we enjoyed our holiday.
though giống although I didn't get the job though I had the necessary qualifications.
even though giống although nhấn mạnh (mặc dù rất ...) Even though I was really tired, I couldn't sleep.
in spite of in spite of + Noun (V-ing, this, that, what) In spite of the rain, we enjoyed our holiday..
despite mặc dù = in spite of She wasn't well, but despite this she continued working.
in case = phòng khi We'll buy some more food in case Tom comes.
in case of in case of + N = phòng khi có In case of emergency, call this number.
unless trừ khi = if ... not ... We can take a taxi to the restaurant unless you'd prefer to walk
as(so) long as = if You can borrow my car so long as you promise not to drive too fast.
provided (that)
= if Providing (that) the room is clean, I don't mind which hotel we stay at.
as = khi,trong khi (hai việc cùng diễn ra khác when) We met Paul as we were Leaving the hotel.
As Idrove home, Ilistened to music.
as = bởi vì (= because) As they lived near us, we used to see them quite often.
like = giống như (similar to) What a beautiful house! It's like a palace.
as as + S + V = theo như You should have done it as I showed you.
looks like looks/sounds/feels like = trông như, nghe như ... That house looks like it's going to fall down.
It looks like she isn't coming.
as if
as though
+ past = like (cứ như là) I don't feel as though I've had a holiday.
for + khoảng thời gian (two hours, a week ...) - trong Are you going away for the weekend?
during + noun - trong khi I fell asleep during the movie.
các từ tên thời gian
the morning, the summer ...
dùng during hay in đều được
I'll phone you sometime during the afternoon. (in the afternoon).
while while + S + V = trong khi I fell asleep while I was watching TV.
by vào lúc, không muộn hơn (có thể sớm hơn) I sent the documents to them today, so they should receive them by Monday.
until/till cho đến ... (hành động dài bao nhiêu) Joe will be away until Monday.
by the time by the time something happens/happened Hurry up! By the time we get to the cinema, the film will already have started.

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