(Bài tiếp) Even

Thứ tự từ trong câu : verb + object + place + time

verb + object: động từ (hành động) + túc từ (đối tượng mà động từ tác động đến) đi cùng nhau, thường không xen từ nào vào giữa chúng.
I           like        my job          very much.
Did you     see         your friends    yesterday?
Helen never drinks      coffee.
verb + place: động từ rồi tới từ chỉ nơi chốn địa điểm go home, live in city, work to work ...
verb + object + place: nếu có túc từ thì từ chỉ nơi chốn sau túc từ - take somebody home, meet a friend in the street
place + time (when, how long, how often) : nếu có mệnh đề thời gian nó đặt sau địa điểm.
⇒ I'm going to Paris on Monday.
⇒ They have lived in the same house for a long time.
⇒ You really shouldn't go to bed so late.
Thời gian cũng thường đặt ở đầu câu: ⇒ On Monday I'm going to Paris. ⇒ Every morning Ben walks to work.

Thứ tự động từ và các trạng từ

Các adverb cho biết động từ diễn ra như thế nào, thường nó đi theo thứ tự:
adv + verb (khi có một verb): ⇒ Helen always drives to work.
to be + adverb (adv đi sau động từ tobe): ⇒ We were feeling very tired and we were also hungry.
Câu có nhiều động từ thì adv đi sau động từ verb đầu tiên
⇒ You've always been very kind to me. ⇒ Jack can't cook. He can't even boil an egg. ⇒ Do you still work for the same company? ⇒ The house was only built a year ago and it's already falling down.
probably trạng từ đặt trước cụm phụ định: ⇒ I will probably not see you.
all, both: ở vị trí như sau:
- We all felt ill after the meal.
- My parents are both teachers.
- Sarah and Jane have both applied for the job.
- We are all going out this evening.

Thường đặt always / never ... trước phần viết tắt lặp lại của câu:

⇒ He always says he won't be late, but he always is. (= he is always late)
⇒ I've never done it and I never will. (= I will never do it)

still, yet, already

still cho biết đang tiếp tục: ⇒ When I went to bed, Chris was still working.
not ... any more / not ... any longer cho biết việc đã thay đổi (any more ở cuối câu).
⇒ Lucy doesn't work here any more
yet = until now, trong câu phủ định, câu hỏi, nó thường ở cuối câu!
⇒ Have you met your new neighbours yet?
already việc đã xảy ra sớm hơn dự kiến! (giữa câu)
⇒ I've just had lunch and I'm already hungry.

Thứ tự từ trong câu

Complete the sentences. Put the parts in the correct order.
(her name / after a few minutes / remembered)
I .

(around the town / all morning / walked)
We .

(on Saturday night / did not see you / at the party)
I .

(some interesting books / found / in the library)
We .

(her umbrella / last night / in a restaurant / left)
Laura .

(opposite the park / a new hotel / are building)
They .

Complete the sentences. Use the words in brackets in the correct order.
1 (remember / I / never / can) her name. 2 (take / I / usually) sugar in coffee. 3 (am / usually / I) hungry when I get home from work. 4 Mark and Amy (both / were / born) in Manchester. 5 Lisa is a good pianist. (sing / she / also / can) very well. 6 Our cat (usually / sleeps) under the bed. 7 They live in the same building as me, but (never / I / have / spoken) to them. 8 This shop is always very busy. (have / you / always / to wait) a long time to be served. 9 (all / were / we) tired, so (all / we / fell) asleep.

Rewrite the sentences to include the word in brackets.
1 Clare does not eat meat.
(often) .

2 Katherine is very generous.
(always) .

3 I don't have to work on Saturdays.
(usually) .

4 Do you watch TV in the evenings?
(always) ?.

5 Martin is learning Spanish and he is learning Japanese
(also) Martin is learning Spanish and he .

Put the parts of the sentence in the correct order.
(Sam /all the time /TV /watches) .

(again / please do not ask / that question) .

(football / every weekend / does Kevin play?) ?.

(some money / I borrowed / from a friend of mine) .

Complete the sentences. Put the parts in the correct order.
(for a long time / have lived / in the same house)
They .

(to the supermarket / every Friday / go)
I .

(home / did you come / so late)
Why ?.

(her children / takes / every day / to school)
Sarah .

(been / recently / to the cinema)
I haven't .

(at the top of the page / your name / write)
Please .

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(Bài tiếp) Even