even (thậm chí) nói cái gì đó bất thường, ngạc nhiên
⇒ She has a TV in every room of the house, even the bathroom.
⇒ He always wears a coat, even in hot weather.
⇒ Nobody would help her, not even her best friend.
even có thể đi với động từ giữa câu: ⇒ They are very rich. They even have their own private jet.
even có thể đi với động từ giữa câu:
⇒ They are very rich. They even have their own private jet.
⇒ They weren't very friendly to us. They didn't even say hello.
even + cheaper : có thể dùng với so sánh hơn.
⇒ I got up very early} but jack got up even earlier.
even, even though, even when, even if + subject+ verb (mặc dù, thậm chí khi/nếu)
⇒ He never shouts, even when he's angry.
⇒ I can't reach the shelf even if I stand on a chair.


Make sentences with even. Use the words in brackets.
Sue has been all over the world. (the Antarctic) . We painted the whole room. (the floor) We . Rachel has met lots of famous people. (the prime minister) She .

In the following sentences you have to use not ... even.
They did not say anything to us. (hello) . I can't remember anything about her. (her name) . There isn't anything to do in this town. (a cinema) . I don't know anyone in our street. (the people next door) .

Put in if, even, even if or even though.
1 she can't drive, she has bought a car. 2 The bus leaves in five minutes, but we can still catch it we run. 3 The bus leaves in two minutes. We won't catch it now we run. 4 His Spanish isn't very good, after three years in Spain. 5 His Spanish isn't very good, he lived in Spain for three years. 6 with the heating on, it was cold in the house. 7 I couldn't sleep I was very tired. 8 I won't forgive them for what they did, they apologise. 9 I hadn't eaten anything for 24 hours, I wasn't hungry.

Complete the sentences using even + comparative.
1 It was very hot yesterday, but today it's . 2 The church is 500 years old, but the house next to it is . 3 That's a very good idea, but I've got an one. 4 The first question was very difficult to answer. The second one was . 5 I did very badly in the exam, but most of my friends did . 6 Neither of us was hungry. I ate very little and my friend ate .

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