Mệnh đề WHEN - IF

Ở mệnh đề when / while / before / after / as soon as / until/ till không dùng will kể cả thời gian của câu nói về tương lai
⇒ I'll phone you when I get home
When you are in London again, come and see us.
⇒ What are you going to do while I'm away?.
Có thể dùng Hiện tại hoàn thành ở mệnh đề when / while / before / after / as soon as / until/ till nếu nó kết thúc trước hành động khác (2 việc không kết thúc cùng nhau)
⇒ When I've phoned Kate, we can have dinner. (First I'll phone Kate and after that we can have dinner)
Không dùng hiện tại hoàn thành khi 2 việc xảy ra cùng nhau ⇒ When I phone Kate, I'll ask her about the party (not When I've phoned)
Thường mệnh để when ... dùng thay nhau được present simple và present perfect
I'll come as soon as I finish. ⇒ I'll come as soon as I've finished.
You'll feel better after you have or something to eat. ⇒ You'll feel better after you've had something to eat.
Nếu sự việc chắc chắn xảy ra thì dùng WHEN nếu chỉ là khả năng dùng IF
⇒ If it is raining this evening, I won't go out.
⇒ If they don't come soon, I'm not going to wait.
⇒ I might go out later. If I go out, I'll get some bread.


Complete the sentences using the verbs in brackets.
All the sentences are about the future.
Use will/won't or the present simple (I see / he plays / it is etc.).
1 When (you / be) in London again, come and see us.

2 I want to see Sophie before (she / go) out.

3 Call me when (you / know) what time you're going to get here.

4 I'm going out now.
(you / be) here when (I /get) back?

5 I think everything will be fine,
but if (there / be) any problems, (I / call) you, OK?

6 We must do something soon before (it / be) too late.

7 Anna looks very different now.
When (you / see) ```you see`` her again,
```you will not recognise`` (you / not / recognise) her.

8 Steve has applied for the job, but he isn't really qualified for it.
(I / be) surprised if (he / get) it.

9 I'm going to be away for a few days.
If ```you need`` (you / need) to contact me
while (I / be) away, here's my mobile number.

10 I don't want to go without you. ```I will wait``(I / wait) for you
until (you / be) ready.

Make one sentence from two.
1 It will stop raining soon. Then we'll go out.
when .

2 I'll find somewhere to live. Then I'll give you my address.
I when .

3 I'll do the shopping. Then I'll come straight back home.
after .

4 It's going to get dark. Let's go home before that.
before .

5 She must apologise to me first. I won't speak to her until then.
until .

Put in when or if.
1 Don't worry I'm late tonight. 2 Be careful. You'll hurt yourself you fall. 3 I'm going to Rome next week. I'm there, I hope to visit a friend of mine. 4 I'm going shopping. you want anything, I can get it for you. 5 I don't see you tomorrow, when will I see you again? 6 I'm going away for a few days. I'll call you I get back. 7 I hope Sarah can come to the party. It will be a shame she can't come. 8 We can eat at home or, you prefer, we can go to a restaurant.

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