Sử dụng SO và SUCH

so + adjective/adverb
so stupid, so quick, so nice, so quickly, so long, so far, so much, so many
such + (adjective) + noun
such a story, such people, such a stupid story, such nice people, such a long time, such a long way, such a lot (of)
Sử dụng SO SUCH để nhấn mạnh ý nghĩa
- It's so warm.
- It's difficult to understand him because he talks so quietly.
so ... that / such ... that, tuy nhiên có thể bỏ that
- The book was so good that I couldn't.
- It was such a good book that I couldn't.
Sử dụng SO SUCH mang ý nghĩa LIKE THIS (giống như)
- Somebody told me the house was built 100 years ago. I didn't realise it was so old..
- I didn't realise it was such an old house..

Bài tập - Adjective + Adverb: So / Such

Sử dụng ENOUGH và TOO

adj + enough (đủ): - You're lazy. You don't work hard enough (đủ chịu khó).
Nhưng nói tính chất gì đó quá lên lại dùng tính từ too: - You never stop working. You work too hard.
enough + noun: Some of us had to sit on the floor because there weren't enough chairs.
enough có thể không cần noun: We don't need to stop for petrol. We've got enough.
too much/many: Số lượng quá so với enough thì dùng too much/many:
- There's too much furniture in this room. There's not enough space.
enough/too ... for somebody/something: That shirt is too small for you
enough/too ... to do something: We don't have enough money to go on holiday right now.

Bài tập - Adjective + Adverb: Enough / Too

Sử dụng quite/pretty/rather/fairly

quite/ pretty/ rather/ fairly + adjectives or adverbs - It's quite cold
quite/pretty/rather/fairly = less than 'very' but more than 'a little'.
Quite giống nghĩa với pretty, pretty dùng cho văn nói: Anna lives quite near me, so we see each other pretty often.
quite + a/an: We live in quite an old house.
quite a lot (of . . .): There were quite a lot of people at the meeting
quite + verb (đặc biệt like, enjoy): I quite like tennis, but it's not my favourite sport
Rather (mang ý nghĩa tiêu cực): The weather isn't so good. It's rather cloudy.
fairly (yếu hơn quite/rather/pretty một chút): My room is fairly big, but I'd prefer a bigger one.
(not) quite có nghĩa là (not completely)completely, nhất là khi đi cùng các từ:
sure right true clear different incredible amazing certain wrong safe obvious unnecessary extraordinary impossible

Adjective + Adverb: quite/pretty/rather/fairly

Put the words in the right order to complete the sentences.
I'm tired. I've had (pretty / day / a / busy).

Complete the sentences using quite + the following:
famous good hungry late noisy often old surprised
1 I'm surprised you haven't heard of her. She's .
2 I'm . Is there anything to eat?
3 'How were the pictures you took?' . Better than usual.'
4 I go to the cinema - maybe once a month.
5 We live near a very busy road, so it's often .
6 I didn't expect Laura to contact me. I was when she phoned.
7 I went to bed last night, so I'm a bit tired this morning.
8 I don't know exactly when these houses were built, but they're .

Use your own ideas to complete these sentences. Use rather + adjective.
1 The weather isn't so good. It's . 2 I enjoyed the film, but it was . 3 The hotel we stayed at wasn't very good. I was . 4 I think it's that Chris went away without telling anybody. 5 Lucy doesn't like having to wait. Sometimes she's .

Put the words in the right order to complete the sentences.
It's not so warm today. There's (a / wind / cold / pretty).

Put the words in the right order to complete the sentences.
The weather was better than we had expected. It was (a / nice / quite / day).

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