Comparison - So sánh bằng (as ... as than)

to be + as + adj/adv + as + ... (bằng với) ⇒ My car is as new as your car.
to be not + as + adj/adv + as + ... ⇒ David isn't as rich as Sarah. (= Sarah is richer than he is)
less ... than = not as ... as (không bằng) ⇒ I spent less money than you. (= I didn't spend as much money as you).
not so ... (as) = not as ... as ⇒ It's not warm, but it isn't so cold as yesterday. (= it isn't as cold as ...)
Trong câu khẳng định, nghi vấn phải dùng as ... as không so ... as: ⇒ Can you send me the information as soon as possible, please?
twice as ... as, three times as ... as etc. (gấp 2, 3 lần ...): ⇒ Petrol is twice as expensive as it was a few years ago.
the same ... as (giống như): ⇒ David is the same age as james.
than him, than her, than me ... (giống như) than he is, than she is, than I am ..
⇒ They have more money than us. or They have more money than we have.

Adjective + Adverb: So sánh bằng

Write a new sentence with the same meaning. 
1 Jack is younger than he looks. Jack isn't . 2 I didn't spend as much money as you. You . 3 The station was nearer than I thought. The station wasn't . 4 The meal didn't cost as much as I expected. The meal cost . 5 I go out less than I used to. I don't . (much) 6 Karen's hair isn't as long as it used to be. Karen used to . 7 I know them better than you do. You don't . (not use : I do) 8 There are fewer people at this meeting than at the last one. There aren't .

Complete the sentences using as ... as + the following: 
bad comfortable fast hard long often quietly soon well
1 I'm sorry I'm late. I got here I could. 2 It was a difficult question. I answered it ````as well as`` I could. 3 'How long can I stay with you?' 'You can stay you like.' 4 I need the information quickly, so let me know possible. 5 I like to keep fit, so I go swimming I can. 6 I didn't want to wake anybody, so I came in I could. In the following sentences use just as ... as (cũng ... như). 7 I'm going to sleep on the floor. It's the bed. 8 You always say how tiring your job is, but I work you. 9 At first I thought he was nice, but really he's everybody else.

Complete the sentences with than ... or as ... 
(use as me - not as I am ...)
1 I can't reach as high as you. You are taller . 2 He doesn't know much. I know more . 3 I don't work particularly hard. Most people work as hard . 4 We were very surprised. Nobody was more surprised . 5 She's not a very good player. I'm a better player . 6 They've been very lucky. I wish we were as lucky .

Complete the sentences using as ... as.
1 I'm tall, but you are taller.
I'm not .

2 My salary is high, but yours is higher.
My salary isn't .

3 You know a bit about cars, but I know more.
You don't . (not use: as I do)

4 We are busy today, but we were busier yesterday.
We aren't . (not use: as we were yesterday)

5 Our neighbours have lived here for quite a long time, but we've lived here longer.
Our neighbours haven't . (not use: as we have)

Write sentences using the same as. 
1 David and James are both 22 years old. David James. 2 You and I both have dark brown hair. Your hair mine. 3 I arrived at 10.25 and so did you. I arrived at you. 4 My birthday is 5 April. It's Tom's birthday too. My birthday is one Tom's.

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