at, on, in với thời gian

at at + thời gian xác định, của ngày at five o'clock, at 11.45, at midnight, at lunchtime...
on on + ngày on Friday - on Fridays - on 16 May 2009 - on Christmas Day - on my birthday
in in + khoảng thời gian dài in October, in 1998, in the 18th century, in the pas, in (the) winter
at night cụm từ với at at night, at the weekend I at weekends, at Christmas,
at the moment, at present, at the same time
in + các buổi của ngày in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening
at/on/in không dùng trước last/next/this/every I'll see you next Friday.
in a few minutes, in six months ... The train will be leaving in a few minutes.

on time, in time, at the end, in the end

on time đúng giờ Everything began and finished on time.
in time in time (for something / to do something) -đúng lúc (không sớm hơn) Will you be home in time for dinner?
at the end
at the beginning
thời điểm kết thúc - at the end (of something)at the end of the month, at the end of January ... Will you be home in time for dinner?
in the end cuối cùng, sau cùng - nói về kết quả We had a lot of problems with our car. In the end we sold it and bought another one.

at, on, in nơi chốn

in a room, in a building, in a box | in a town/in the city centre | in a pool, in the sea, in a river
at the bus stop, at the door, at reception, at the window
on the wall, on the ceiling, on the door, on the floor, on the table, on a page, on an island
In hospital
at work
in hospital / in prison / in jail
at work / at school / at university / at college
at a party at a concert, at a conference, at the meeting, at the wedding

to, into

go to China, go back to Italy, welcome somebody to a place, drive to the airport ...
Go into, get into ... etc.= enter (a room I a building I a car etc.):

danh từ + giới từ

N + for
a demand for, a reason for, a need for ...
The train was late but nobody knew the reason for the delay.
N + of
advantage of, disadvantage of, cause of, a picture ...
The advantage of Living alone is that you can do what you like.
N + in an increase / a decrease / a rise / a fall IN There has been an increase in the number of road accidents recently.
N + to damage to, invitation to, solution to, key to, answer to, reply to, reaction to, attitude to Did you get an invitation to the party?.
N + with/between relationship with, connection with, contact with, difference between ... Do you have a good relationship with your parents?

tính từ + giới từ

Adj + OF somebody to do something
nice / kind / good / generous / polite / silly / stupid ... + OF somebody to do something → It is stupid of her to go out without a coat in such cold weather.
nhưng : nice / kind / good / generous / polite / silly / stupid ... + TO somebody → Why were you so unfriendly to Tessa?
angry / annoyed / furious ABOUT something → It's stupid to get angry about things that don't matter.
angry / annoyed / furious WITH somebody FOR doing something → Are you annoyed with me for being late?
excited / worried / upset / nervous / happy ... ABOUT something → Are you excited about going on holiday next week?
delighted / pleased / satisfied / disappointed WITH something → I was delighted with the present you gave me.
surprised / shocked / amazed / astonished AT / BYEverybody was surprised at (hoặc by) the news.
impressed WITH/BY somebody/something → I'm very impressed with (hoặc by) her English. It's very good.
fed up / bored WITH something → I'm bored with it.
sorry ABOUT something → I'm sorry about the noise last night. We were having a party.
sorry FOR doing something → I'm sorry for shouting at you yesterday.
sorry FOR/ABOUT something you did → Alex is very sorry for what he said.
afraid / frightened / terrified OF
fond / proud / ashamed / jealous / envious OF → Why are you always jealous of other people?
capable / incapable OF... → I'm sure you are capable of passing the examination.
full/short OF...... → The letter I wrote was full of mistakes.
typical OF...... → He's late again. It's typical of him to keep everybody waiting.
tired OF...... → Come on, let's go! I'm tired of waiting.
good / bad / excellent / brilliant / hopeless (...) AT...
married / engaged TO..., similar TO..., different FROM..., interested IN..., keen ON..., dependent ON..., laugh / smile AT, talk / speak TO, listen TO, write (a letter) TO, invite (somebody) TO (a party/a wedding, ...), apologise to somebody (for...), explain something TO somebody,

động từ + giới từ

accuse / suspect somebody OF... → Sue accused me of being selfish
approve OF... → His parents don't approve of what he does, but they can't stop him.
die OF
consist OF... → We had an enormous meal. It consisted of seven courses.
pay (somebody) FOR... → I didn't have enough money to pay (the waiter) for the meal.
thank / forgive somebody FOR... → I'll be forgive them for what they did.
apologise (to somebody) FOR... → When I realised I was wrong, I apologised (to them) for my mistake.
blame somebody/something FOR... → Everybody blamed me for the accident.
suffer FROM → The number of people suffering from heart disease has increased.
protect somebody/something FROM (hoặc AGAINST)... → Sun oil can protect the skin from the sun.
believe IN.... → I believe in saying what I think?.
succeed IN... → I hope you succeed in finding the job you want
break INTO... → Our house was broken into a few days ago but nothing was stolen.
crash / drive / bump / run INTO... → He lost control of the car and crashed into a wall.
divide / cut / split something INTO (two or more parts) → The book is divided into three parts
happen TO → What happened to that gold watch you used to have?
prefer one thing/person TO another → I prefer tea to coffee.
depend ON... / rely ON... → You can rely on Jill. She always keeps her promises.
congratulate (someone) ON... / compliment (somebody) ON... → I congratulated her on her success in the exam.
concentrate ON... → Don't look out of the window. Concentrate on your work.
insist ON... → I wanted to go alone but they insisted on coming with me.
spend (money) ON... → How much money do you spend on food each week?.

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